KD analysis     KD analysis            KD analysis                                                                         STANDFORD COMPUTING

Diagnostic basis: Clinical Lab tests Both

Demographics --   Age:    Gender:    Ethnicity: 

Clinical --   Fever > 38.3° C or 100.5° F:    Rash:    Red eyes:    Red pharynx, red lips, or strawberry tongue:    Cervical lymph node >1.5cm:    Red or swollen hands/feet or peeling of hands/feet:    Days of illness: 

Lab tests --   WBC (x103/mm3)   POLYS (%)   BANDS (%)   Lymphs (%)   MONOS (%)   EOS (%)   HGB (mg/dl) PLTS (x103/mm3)   ESR (mm/h)   CRP (mg/dl) ALT (IU/L) GGT (IU/L)

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